Let it be

My name is Ginger.I I am Blonde. 21 yrs young. Psychology Major College Student.This blog is my escape from Reality. & I ALWAYS follow back.

Anonymous asked: I want so bad for you to be mine and only mine. I hope you want the same but I don't think I honestly have a chance with you.

You will never know if you never try

Anonymous asked: I know you have an idea of who at least one of your anons are but there is one that ain't me and I don't want you to think it's me. Lucky person had damn good taste I can't even be mad ?

I wish I knew who. And thank you. I love a non questions.

Anonymous asked: I want to be you're future 'husband/wife! You like woman? I've only know you to be with guys. ( none if which deserve you I think)

I love women, you should see my other blog. I do, I do, I do.

Anonymous asked: Ok you said I could take you on a date but what could I do to make it the best date you've ever had?

An all day date, where we have the whole day planned. Where we never stop drinking and smiling and kissing

Anonymous asked: Can I tskd you on a date one day? What would you like me to do and take you on this date?


Anonymous asked: If you could have one person text you saying 'look outside' knowing that means they are standing there to suprise you who is thst ond person you want if to be? And what would you do?

My future husband/wife

Anonymous asked: What would you do for out first date? Detail if you want

A first date, hmmm….coffee/hot chocolate with a walk in the park and watch the sunset. How does that sound?