Let it be

My name is Ginger.I I am Blonde. 21 yrs young. Psychology Major College Student.This blog is my escape from Reality. & I ALWAYS follow back.

“No one ever gets tired of loving. But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry, and hurting.”

– Unknown (via hqlines)

I love it when my bf stays up late to chat up some young thing.
And I ask him not to say something to her and he does anyway. . Not…
Am I too old?
Not pretty enough?
God, he always chased them younger hoes. Especially when our roomate wants her.
So rude.
I’m fine just the way I am. You need to grow the fuck up before you lose me cuz you don’t pay attention to your own gf…at all.
I wanna smoke so bad right now….

Anonymous asked: I want so bad for you to be mine and only mine. I hope you want the same but I don't think I honestly have a chance with you.

You will never know if you never try

Anonymous asked: I know you have an idea of who at least one of your anons are but there is one that ain't me and I don't want you to think it's me. Lucky person had damn good taste I can't even be mad ?

I wish I knew who. And thank you. I love a non questions.

Anonymous asked: I want to be you're future 'husband/wife! You like woman? I've only know you to be with guys. ( none if which deserve you I think)

I love women, you should see my other blog. I do, I do, I do.

Anonymous asked: Ok you said I could take you on a date but what could I do to make it the best date you've ever had?

An all day date, where we have the whole day planned. Where we never stop drinking and smiling and kissing