Let it be

My name is Ginger.I I am Blonde. 21 yrs young. Psychology Major College Student.This blog is my escape from Reality. & I ALWAYS follow back.

“Everybody’s hell is different. It’s not all fire and pain. The real hell is your life gone wrong.”

– What Dreams May Come (via surbeat)

“I just want someone to appreciate all I do to try to be a better gf everyday. I’m not even sure she loves me anymore”

(via theatergeeklove)

i always will love you, whether im your girl or not.

Double X (By: Ginger Elizabeth) »


“No papa, I don’t want to go”, I pleaded to my father, I knew it wouldn’t do any good but I tried anyway. What papa wants he gets. Tonight was the Farthington’s Annual Masquerade Ball, and I very much dislike masked balls for I cannot tell whos who. Papa was beginning to tell me he had bought a…

i’m jealous of people who have cute laughs and fast metabolisms and nice teeth and good hair and can just make any outfit look good and  get along with everyone and are great at sports and do well in school bc none of that is me